Meet our Students & Families

David P.
Class of 2017
"The thing I like most about Hansberry is the teachers because they changed the meaning of education by not just teaching us to get through a lesson, but teaching us to make sure we understand and master the lesson."
DeShawn Armstrong
Class of 2017
"What I like most about Hansberry is the student body.  I've built a lot of strong relationships with my peers."
Jasmine A.
Class of 2017
"One thing I learned about myself since being at HCP is that I can meet challenging academic requirements.  If I put my mind to it and be persistent, I know I can achieve anything I want."
Jose C.
Class of 2018
"I chose HCP because so many people told me that the Noble schools are amazing.  Hansberry looked very attractive to me and I wanted a chance to help build my high school."
Tatiana G.
Class of 2017
"I chose to attend Hansberry because they know what I need to succeed.  This school guides me in the correct direction."