Students at Hansberry College Prep are recognized in a variety of ways for many different accomplishments.
Town Hall
The Hansberry College Prep community gathers one Friday each month to celebrate success and address important issues facing our school, community, and city. Town hall meetings regularly include scholar presentations, awards, recognition of achievements, reflections on building character, and updates on HCP issues.  We invite parents/guardians and members of the public to attend.  Please check newsletters for specific dates and times.
Attendance Parties
Students who have perfect attendance are rewarded with a party.  Attendance is determined monthly and those who meet the requirements will be notified of the date and time of the party.
GPA Parties
We reward students who achieve an unweighted semester GPA of a 2.8 with a party as well.  These parties are offered every other month and students who meet the criteria will be notified.
CPR Awards
Twice a year, we recognize students who exemplify our core values of collaboration, persistance, and reflection.  Students are recognized at a town hall and are presented with a plaque.