Promotion and Graduation Requirements

Students must meet specific academic, attendance, enrichment, physical fitness, and discipline requirements in order to be promoted to the next grade level and to graduate.

Academics: To be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate, students must earn the credits from every class in which they are enrolled during the regular school year.

*Course Failures: Any student who fails a class will be expected to enroll in make-up classes to earn the credits and stay on track for promotion.  Any student failing classes at the end of semester one will be expected to take them in night school during semester two. If  a student fails classes during the second semester, he/she will be expected to make the class(es) up in summer school.

All freshman at Hansberry College Prep are currently enrolled in:
  • Multicultural Lit and Composition 1
  • Algebra 1
  • World History
  • Biology
  • Spanish
  • Physical Education 1
  • Advisory

Enrichment and Community Service: The Noble Network includes enrichment and community service as part of the promotion requirements to develop accomplished students who give back to their communities.

  • Students must earn a full credit of enrichment credits taken outside the regular school day to be eligible for promotion and graduation.
  • Students must pass the community service requirement as outlined in the community service syllabus. The requirement is to complete 5 hours per semester their freshmen year, and 5 hours each semester for tenth through twelfth grade, for a total of 40 hours to graduate.

Physical Fitness: Students must pass the physical fitness test and written health test to be promoted to the next grade level and to graduate.

Discipline: Any student who accumulates more than 36 detentions in any one-year will not be promoted to the next grade. If a student exceeds 12 detentions for a year, that student will be required to take summer behavior course in order to be promoted.

Attendance: Any student who has more than 20 absences (including excused absences) will be required to take a summer course to be promoted. This includes absences as a result of tardies to school as 4 tardies are equivalent to 1 absence.